Phase 1. Sales Agreement

Your family selects your home plan, home site, and any structural changes. You then sign a sales agreement and secure a mortgage.

Phase 2. Home Owner Selections

Your family meets with our sales staff to select the options that will make your home unique. Material orders are made. Klein Homes will develop a construction schedule.

Phase 3. Permits

Klein Homes works with appointed officials to obtain all the necessary permits required to build your new home.

Phase 4. Foundation

Your family's homesite is surveyed, staked, and excavated. We then run the plumbing lines from the street to your foundation. The foundation is poured and once cured, backfilled with soil.

Phase 5. Framing

Your family's exterior and interior walls are framed, then your roof trusses are installed. If you are having a basement put into your home you will see the floor joists and sub-flooring installed first.

Phase 6. Exterior Finishes

When the framing is complete, wall sheathing is added to enclose your home and house wrap or felt paper is then attached over exterior walls to prevent water penetration. Roof sheathing is added over trusses, attic vents are installed, and roofing materials are added. Windows and exterior doors are installed, and facade materials such as brick or vinyl are added to exterior walls. Finally, the exterior trim and paint are applied.

Phase 7. Mechanicals

HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems are installed. Systems are "roughed in," leaving exposed ends of pipes, wiring and ductwork to be finished later. Bathtubs and shower units and other large items are installed. Framing and rough mechanicals are inspected.

Phase 8. Insulation and Air Sealing

Insulation is added between the studs in all exterior walls and between the joists forming the attic. Gaps between framing members and around windows are then sealed to eliminate potential air leaks.

Phase 9. Interior Finishes

Wall and ceiling drywall is installed and finished. Interior doors, trim, and shelving are installed, and paint is applied. All other materials, including cabinets, counter-tops, mirrors, and flooring are installed. HVAC, plumbing and electrical are finished, including registers, faucets, light fixtures and appliances.

Phase 10. Landscaping

Your yard is graded to slope away from your foundation, then driveways, walkways, and poured concrete porches are added.

Phase 11. Quality Inspections

While landscaping is being completed, Klein Homes continuously performs quality inspections on your new home. A punch list is prepared including any items that need attention, and all repairs are made prior to your New Home Demonstration Meeting. After repairs are made and inspected, your home is cleaned and made ready for the New Home Demonstration Meeting.

Phase 12. Closing

Prior to closing, Klein Homes will host a New Home Demonstration Meeting with your family. Here, your project manager will explain the mechanicals and demonstrate the operations of appliances. You may ask questions about the operation of your new Klein Home, as well as make note of any items needing attention (such as paint touch-ups). Within days of this meeting you will sign closing papers, officially transferring ownership of your Klein Home into your name.

Phase 13. Warranty Period

Your Klein Home is covered under a 2-year workmanship and material warranty, to be free from defects. Also Klein Homes provides an additional 3rd party structural warranty for a period of 10 years. This will be explained in greater detail at your closing.